Our Mission

To Cultivate Wellness in Indigenous Communities 

through locally sourced, plant-based, organic food and education.


Core Values

  • Earth Ethics. We value our Mother Earth. We care about the impact our products have on the environment. We love to share that value with others.

  • Health. We care about your health and wellness. We care about the well-being of our community.

  • Honesty. We are honest. Our products and food are grown and prepared in honest ways.

  • Locally Sourced. We source products locally, from Native farmers when possible.

  • Sovereignty. We believe in tribal/food sovereignty and intertribal support for native owned businesses.

  • Plant Wisdom. We acknowledge and respect the healing properties of all the plants we use. We trust in their medicinal/nutritional wisdom.

  • Education. We believe education is the surest way to a better life.

  • Respect. We feel healthy living and clean eating is a form of self respect and respect for our Earth. 



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Holistic Wellness Consultation 

Have Nutrition and Wellness Questions? Talk to our Natural Therapeutic Specialist or Nutritionist Today!! 

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Fry bread

Blue corn/ Whole wheat/ Unbleached Flour. NM Honey